Release Notes

switching to maya2013
3delight is cool!
Own light shaders.
There will be light and shadow.
No big news yet.
A list of supported shaders is now online.

Okay, okay, I know there seems to happen nothing at all, but I'm still here and coding...:
No new Release until mid of November because:
Release 0.07 from 04. October 2011:

Again some interesting updates and new features:
Release 0.06 from 11. September 2011:

A lot of things have changed so I hope it still works.
Release 0.04 from 9. August 2011:

Release 0.03 from 30. July 2011:

Release 0.02 from 24. July 2011:

Notes for the very first release from 10. July 2011:
Because this is the very first one, a lot of things will change in the next versions. e.g. at the moment the subdiv attributes and area light quality attribute (see documentation) have to be added by hand.