AppleseedTools User Guide:

The AppleseedTools contain scripts and procedures which can be used independently from the mayaToAppleseed plugin.

For installation information you can have a look here: appleseedTools installation.

The plugin contain the following elements:

If the plugin is loaded, you should be able to use File->export selected as usual for the import or export of appleseed binary meshes. In the format popup of the translator dialog a new entry appears.

In the binarymesh exporter you have some options:

The object export dialog will then call the binMeshWriterCmd command. It uses the same options as the export dialog:



The all argument, if present and set to True, will ignore any selections and export all meshes in the scene. Only visible objects will be exported. If all is set to False or not present, the current selection is used or a list of objects as first argument:

binMeshWriterCmd(['mesh1', 'mesh2'], doProxy=True, percentage=.4)