24. March 2013: I closed the forums for the discussion about the plugins. Instead I opened some google groups. See the appropriate renderer for a link. I added MayaToCorona, which I will implement as soon as I have an API. Appleseed section has now a valid gallery.

30 July 2011: New release of mayaToMantra. Now I added curve rendering, phong shader to be able to do reflections and refractions. And because it looks so cool, I added blurred reflections and refractions. Do enable these attributes, I added a mantra attribute UI to assign attributes to objects, lights and shaders.

24 July 2011: Next release of mayaToMantra, added particle instancer output. I added a simple tutorial for the creation of your own maya shader nodes for the translator as well as a document how the process of shader translation works. See in the documentation section.

10 July 2011: First pre-alpha release of mayaToMantra. Have a look at it.